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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Valley Mayors make their endorsements...Who's tide is changing?...and why?

Sometimes you run across a bit of information you wish you hadn't discovered. Word from the blogosphere courtesy of Rio Grande Valley Politics, and Valley in Exile today that mayors from several Valley cities are endorsing Republican Governor Rick Perry.
Here's the list: Brownsville, Harlingen, La Villa, Edcouch, Elsa, Rio Grande City, Palmhurst, McAllen, and Mission.
A few questions come to mind when I see the list.
First, why would any official who is elected to public office that assumably represents the opinions and voice of the community, publicly endorse a candidate? (This one's a no-brainer for those of you who actually take an interest in the political environment of our region, but more on that in a later post).
Second, is it just the view of RGV Politics, or are the cities represented in the list above in very close proximity to each other? (Again, a no-brainer for those of you who understand the implications and forethought into endorsing a candidate for Governor, Democrat/Republican/or Kinky).
Third, are the mayors from the cities listed above, cities which historically stand for Democratic principles, and ideals, assuming that a Democratic candidate doesn't stand a chance against the Republican incumbent? A governor who has up to date paid lip service to the problems that affect Valley residents, i.e. rising electricity rates, school finance, toll roads, etc.? (Alright, a tad presumptious, but not without warrant. Last I heard, the Republican party in general has done little for the Valley except show up during election years to push their agendas and hope that we can trust them enough to at the very least show up at the polls and vote them in. After that, well, what can we do about it then, eh?)
Of the list, three of the Valley's major cities are being represented by mayors who for one reason or another are jumping on the Republican bandwagon. Reasons which will sooner or later become clear to their constituents. But how soon? And if not soon enough, how reasonable is later?


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