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Monday, August 28, 2006

La Joya...Serving as a sad example to our troubled times...

The political dust in the small South Texas town takes long to settle. Dubbed the jewel of the Valley, recent allegations of nepotism and cronyism by the newly elected school board may have long lasting affects that reach far beyond the city limits of La Joya, Texas. Affects that will stretch across a region thirsty for political change as it is for a solitary rain cloud to cure a parched earth from a much too long lasting summer.
What makes the accusations in La Joya unique, especially in an area of the state as deeply rooted in political corruption as it is on Sunday morning barbacoa, is that the newly elected school board pledged to bring an end to these types of political practices. And it was not so much a political platform, it was touted as a deep personal conviction to do what it takes to ensure these things would never happen again. The enemy was clearly in their sights, and the era of former La Joya Superintendent Filomena Leo was coming to an end. It served as another example of life's musts. Like a rabid dog that needs to be euthanized. For it's own good, as well as ours.
But we're not talking rabid dogs here. And as of late, the current administration would be hard pressed to distinguish itself in a far better league of professional ethics than those of Leo. Especially when, by all accounts, everything politically corrupt about Leo amounted to nothing more than heresay. Which is why the best the newly elected administration could do was remove her from her post for lack of qualifications to serve as Superintendent of schools. Post haste, at that.
The problem with the current administration is that they were smart enough to slip through the cracks to get their piece of the pie. At all costs, especially to the thousands of citizens in the Rio Grande Valley who want more than promises. We want results.
The problem for us, especially those of us who have taken to political blogging as a means to inform people about the right candidate, the ones that will do what's best for the community at large, is that the credibility of such claims are lost. Gone with a nostalgic ideal of wanting to know that this country can still live up to it's original intention. A government by, for, and of the people. Not someone's husband. Not someone's daughter. Not that person who sold the most barbecue tickets for the political fundraiser. But people who care not only about their futures, but ours as well.
The newly elected school board have gotten their say, and have accomplished what they'd hoped for. Their names emblazoned on the masthead. Just another piece of the political pie they so longed for. Their actions to serve as a reminder to any of those across the Rio Grande Valley with the notion of not forgetting when it comes to their own respective school districts, and city commissions that if it can happen in La Joya, it can happen anywhere else as well. If there is a lesson in all of this, for all it's ranting and raving, it is that some politicians need a means to their ends. La Joya just got a taste of how low these types of people are willing to stoop to get there. And that's the sad part for everybody whether you're from La Joya or not.


Blogger Truth Be Told said...

You know what's worse is that these people will get re-elected. People are so consumed with their buses and this political slate is willing to spend appx. $150,000 on a local election. For all we know, they could have spent more, but have yet to disclose that information.
Very nice writing Mr. Gomez. Just one clarification though. Mrs. Leo never lacked the qualifications needed for the job or the certification.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Es triste a lo que a llegado La Joya nunca en la historia amos visto tanto escandalo. Esta gente quien se esta criendo.. que estupidos. Rita Uriste que su esposo rata en un buen puesto.Que te pase Rita estabas batallando para pagar tu RANCHO. I pusiste a tu esposo en un buen puesto a costillas de nuestro hijos...

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that idiot that La Joya has at the football games. Hello!!!!We are in UNITED STATE OF AMERICA...
That guy is getting paid like a Director with a HIGH School DIPLOMA.
According to Rita, Johnn and Fito
The other party had people in jobs with no certification.. What is wrong with this people....For those who don't know that is non other than the flunkiee Oscar salinas.../

11:18 AM  

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